Founded in 2016 by Ginny Blankenship, the Open Book Project is now a signature project of the Little Rock Public Education Foundation. We view the Open Book Project as the first step toward building a larger city-wide movement to help provide high-interest books, practical resources and support, love and encouragement to students and teachers in the Little Rock School District's (LRSD) highest-priority schools.


Our current priority schools are Hall High School, Henderson Middle School, Cloverdale Middle School, and McClellan High School. With your help, we hope to expand our project to serve all LRSD schools in 2017-18 and beyond. 

What We will Accomplish together

  • Help teachers build their classroom libraries and school supply closets.
  • Help schools transform school media centers into 21st century spaces that help inspire a lifelong love of reading and learning.


  • Give middle and high school students high-interest books, so they can start building personal libraries of their own.
  • Recruit an army of volunteers to serve in schools that need community involvement and fundraising.